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In the Upper Elementary classroom, student responsibility and independence are our goals. Children are responsible for their learning and their behavior in order to help them grow into well-rounded and independent adults. While adulthood may seem far away, the foundations for success are established when children are young.  deckland
Academic learning is based on student research and work. Students are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively as appropriate to the learning tasks at hand. Students learn to care for themselves, others and their environment through social interaction and increased responsibility in performing everyday tasks.

The students learn at more advanced levels of math, science, history, language arts, foreign language, geography, economics, philosophy and fine arts.  The overall Montessori philosophy stays in place, and the students are still responsible for everyday living skills and practicing ethics.  The Cosmic Education continues in Upper Elementary with the students examining roles and relationships on our planet and universe.microscope

Their outdoor education also continues. At the end of the school year, the children take a 3-day field trip to Barrier Island, SC. There they learn about coastal biology and ecology. Students also begin to hone their skills on the computer in Upper Elementary.