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The Middle School years are an exciting time of rapid physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. The Montessori Academy of Spartanburg Middle School program is designed to meet the unique needs of our young adolescents. Seventh and eighth grade students are ready for increased abstraction, but we know that they still have a high need for hands-on, concrete work. Our rigorous academic program is carefully balanced with lessons in real life skills, community building activities, organizational and study skills, community service, and time for trips, creativity and fun. We follow a holistic approach with a philosophy that all knowledge is interrelated.


Our Humanities curriculum consists of an intensive study of literature, writing, speaking skills, and the mechanics of English thoroughly integrated within a rotating two-year cycle of the study of American and world history. Both life and physical sciences are taught through the combined use of texts, field study, projects, experiments, research, and writing. Because the young adolescent is entering the phase of abstract learning in mathematics, our math program is textbook based with hands-on support materials and real world projects. Both the arts and technology are thoroughly integrated into the Middle School curriculum.


A focus on personal growth and development is critical for success in all aspects of adolescent life. Life and academic skills are both directly and indirectly taught. Our students have the opportunity to learn about real work through internships, student run businesses, community service, classroom jobs, and extensive field studies. All of this provides a framework that enables our students to be well prepared for high school studies and beyond.