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The Lower Elementary is a direct continuation of the the Primary classroom. The spiral curriculum allows the concepts of the Primary class to be extended and pushed from concrete to abstract.  We offer lessons ranging from the formation of the universe to higher order mathematics.  The children do not learn only by memorization, they learn also by conceptual analysis.  Because we do not teach to the test, we are able to allow children to delve into special interests and discoveries.  The classroom environment fosters independence, joy of learning and grace and courtesy.Rowan-and-Demario

A large part of the Elementary education that begins in Lower and continues to Upper Elementary is what Maria Montessori called “Cosmic Education“.  This concept addresses the child’s place in the universe and what he/she can do to spur on the evolution of  the human race in a positive way. In the Lower Elementary program the children ask the questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where am I going?

The Lower Elementary Level provides students with unique advantages that are not available through traditional education. The children gain responsibility through setting goals for themselves, learn time management, organize projects and utilize a variety of resources. Students also learn appreciation of other cultures and peaceful techniques for conflict resolution. These are all qualities that are instilled at a young age that are meant to benefit the students for the rest of their lives.blinky-girl
At Montessori, we believe in the benefits of educating children outside of the classroom. The students participate in  many field trips that provide outdoor education as well as cultural education. The students are connected to the larger community and have a better understanding of the world that surrounds them. During the Spring, the children plant their garden and enjoy time outside.
We  follow authentic Montessori philosophies.  This allows the child the opportunity to ignite their inner spark and passion for learning.