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Healthy Lunches

The Montessori Academy of Spartanburg is very excited about our partnership with the local restaurant The Farmer’s Table. Together we are making an effort to provide our students with healthy food choices with locally grown ingredients. As part of our goal for our students to be strong in mind, soul and body, we teamed up with this exciting new restaurant. Here is a description from the chef and owners of The Farmer’s Table.

Dear Parents,

The Farmer’s Table is dedicated to serving local, sustainable, and healthy food to the community. We opened our restaurant March 7th, 2012 with six local vendors. Almost two years later we are still going strong with a much more extensive menu and over 25 local providers. Last year, we started providing lunches for some of the students at Montessori once a week. Things went so well that now we are providing lunches twice a week for the students. The lunches are for all age groups at Montessori and we even provide vegetarian options.

An example of the vegetarian lunch: Vegetarian chili with banana slices and vegetarian chili served with cornbread wedges and a whole banana for the larger students.

An example of the non vegetarian lunch: ½ roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich on whole wheat served with strawberries and a whole roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich on whole wheat served with barbeque chips and strawberries for the larger students.

These examples make up just one day out of eight in any given month. Our lunches have also included pizzas, mini cheeseburgers, pancakes, other sandwiches, and soups. While these may sound like typical lunches in any given school cafeteria, they are far from typical. We make every single lunch from scratch that morning using no frozen products. We use local and healthy ingredients in all of our lunches from local beef to local breads. So far, the students and parents have not been disappointed and we look forward to continuing that trend. These students have a real opportunity to get away from processed, frozen lunches and we couldn’t be happier to provide that opportunity for months and even years to come.


Joel and Lenora Sansbury