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Why Montessori?


Montessori is an educational approach created by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907 based on her scientific observations of children.  Her philosophy is that each child has an intrinsic sense of learning. She realized the best way to foster success in a child was to have a prepared environment, developmentally appropriate materials and child-sized furnishings.

parisThe classroom operates on the principle of freedom within limits.  Children learn at their own pace allowing them to master a skill before moving on to the next challenge.  A Montessori classroom is filled with easy to reach, hands-on materials that engage the child’s interest.  There are many didactic materials in the classroom that not only teach the child, but more importantly allow the children to teach themselves.

At Montessori Academy of Spartanburg, children learn much more than academics.  They learn to think for themselves and make choices based on a good moral understanding.  Children learn grace and courtesy through being part of a classroom community.  They respect their fellow students’ personal and learning space. They also learn to respect their classroom environment because at Montessori Academy of Spartanburg, the classroom belongs to the students.  When they take ownership of the classroom, they treat it with care and respect.

We guide children to become well-rounded individuals in both the way they think and the way they learn. We show them the respect and courtesy that we believe every human deserves.  The best way to teach is to lead by example, and that is what we strive to do at Montessori Academy of Spartanburg.  “Why Montessori?” you ask…because children are our future, and we want them to have the brightest future possible.

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